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About Me

  I am Lisa Bird. I grew up right here in the valley of the sun. As a senior in high school I sought out a trade that could put me through college: Cosmetology school. Quickly I learned that my clientele became family and I had a new found passion for making people feel beautiful! 20 years later I am still styling hair and I think its the best job in the world!  One of the most exhilarating parts of my career is that it challenges me to keep up with the current trends and fashion. I always enjoy the continuing education and hair shows that I attend... after all, my clients deserve the best.  In my free time I enjoy reading historical non-fiction and I love "glamping" in comfy cabins in the woods! I have a passion for spending time in the glorious mountains ,with the Alps being my favorite mountain range. I also delight most in traveling with my family and friends. My very favorite spot on earth is Salzburg, Austria, but I must admit that Bisbee, AZ holds a big piece of my heart.  I am committed to lifting my clients spirits, staying current on styles, Colors and trends, and keeping competitive prices so that my customers can come back again and again. What a blessing & joy they have been in my life! I love Teazin, and being a stylist in Gilbert.